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Welcome to the Webb Group at Princeton!

We are a research group in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department at Princeton University. Our research centers on the utilization of theory and simulation to characterize, understand, and guide the design of materials for health and sustainability applications.

We are particularly intrigued by polymer-based systems and their use in technologies like batteries, fuel cells, water treatment, tissue engineering, and drug-delivery. Due to inherent challenges in the simulation of macromolecular systems, we employ a range of computational approaches that are systematically linked to bridge the length- and timescales necessary to make chemically informed predictions on the behavior of macromolecular systems.

Our research balances a combination of fundamental mechanistic inquiry, methods development, and targeted design efforts. We are further interested in exploiting and adapting data-driven methodologies/machine learning techniques in these efforts. Check out the Research page to learn more about our work!