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Welcome to the Webb Group at Princeton!

We are a research group in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department at Princeton University. Our research centers on the utilization of theory, simulation, and machine learning to characterize, understand, and guide the design of materials for health and sustainability applications.

We are particularly intrigued by polymer-based systems and their use in technologies like batteries, fuel cells, water treatment, tissue engineering, and drug-delivery. Due to inherent challenges in the simulation of macromolecular systems, we employ a range of computational approaches that are systematically linked to bridge the length- and timescales necessary to make chemically informed predictions on the behavior of macromolecular systems.

Our research balances a combination of fundamental mechanistic inquiry, methods development, and targeted design efforts. We are further interested in exploiting and adapting data-driven methodologies/machine learning techniques in these efforts. Check out the Research page to learn more about our work!

News List

Collaborative paper on designing protein-polymer hybrids appears in Advanced Materials!
June 30, 2022

A major collaborative effort with the Gormley Lab at Rutgers  on designing thermostabilized enzymes has culminated with a publication in Advanced Materials. The work combines robotics executing automated synthesis and characterization with active machine learning and…

Group welcomes high schoolers, Keith and Pooja, as part of LLP
June 30, 2022

The Webb group is hosting two young researchers this summer: Keith Paruchuri and Pooja Kedia. Keith comes to us by way of Texas, while Pooja is a New Jersey native. The two talented, rising high-school seniors are helping the group examine problems related to polymer machine learning. Welcome, Keith and Pooja!

Grace honored with two awards on class day
May 24, 2022

Graduating senior, Grace Wei '22, took home not one but two(!) awards on Princeton's Class Day. From the Chemical and Biological Department, Grace received the SABIC Senior Thesis Award, which is awarded annually to a graduating senior for an outstanding thesis in chemical technology. In addition, from the Princeton Institute for the Science…

Mike receives junior faculty award for excellence in research and teaching!
May 20, 2022

Mike was honored to receive the Howard B. Wentz, Jr. Junior Faculty Award, which comes with $50,000 to support research in the group. You can read more about the award here and learn about the other…

Grace accepts prestigious DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship
May 20, 2022

Undergraduate researcher Grace Wei was announced as one of 33 recipients of the DOE CSGF; she was also offered an NSF GRFP award! Grace has performed stellar research in the Webb group using a range of computational techniques (e.g., coarse-grained…

Roshan and Carlos's work on "featurizing" copolymers appears in MSDE!
March 22, 2022

Roshan and Carlos have published an article in Molecular Systems Design & Engineering analyzing prospective approaches for "featurizing" copolymers for machine learning. An essential consideration for using machine learning for materials design is how you…

Carlos and Roshan use machine learning to stabilize target therapeutic enzyme
Feb. 2, 2022

With with researchers at Rutgers University (namely, the Gormley and Cai groups in the biomedical engineering department, Carlos and Roshan have published an article in Advanced Healthcare Materials that leverages machine learning to guide the design of…

Sat and Mike author review on methods for polymer coarse-graining
Nov. 21, 2021

Sat and Mike have published a review related to a major focus area for the group: chemically specific polymer coarse-graining. The review aims to comprehensively and pedagogically discuss essential modeling techniques, bottom-up coarse-graining methods, and representative examples in the literature and thus includes 389 references! We (the…